How Get this glow weapon effect 2D

Hi guys, i want make this glow effect(or similar) in my sprite weapons, but i dont know how! i searched for shaders but i did not understand.Can someone help me with this problem?122831-indice.jpg

Glow effects have to be painted on by hand in a paint program. There are shaders that can add glow, but it is impossible to add a glow that looks similar to the one you showed without a texture asset. That sprite has hand painted glow. I recommend you paint a separate glow sprite that is close to matching the outlines of many weapons, and use a shader with additive blending to draw it over your sprites in-game. You may need several glow sprites for different kinds of weapons (staves, swords, hand guns, rifles, etc.) or you may find you need a unique glow sprite for each weapon.

Paint the Glow in a Painting Programm with 50% transparency- Then add the small Picture to your Charakter.

@Mr_Teels the solution must add glow effect on any weapon.