How good do I need to be at c# to start playing around in unity?

Ok so I programmed in c++, got really good at it, but I always had a passion for making games, my dream is to make a mmorpg (I know it’s going to be a grind to get to that level of game development).So I found unity, I noticed it uses c#, Java, and Boo.So I went with c# since it’s most similar to c++ and I will be able to learn it a lot faster.I haven’t finished learning all of c#, in fact I’m still almost at the start (Learning about method overloading etc), I would just like to know, how much of c# should I know, to actually be comfortable to go into unity and learn how it works and start making games.

So to sum up my question.How much of c# do I need to know to be comfortable programming in unity? How should I progress through learning unity? Should I go right into making games, or is there a “Right” way of doing it and progressively becoming a better game dev.

Also side question just curiosity, how long does it take to actually be good enough in unity to be able to come up with a project(Like an official game) and then finish it?

Thank you.

None. Learn as you go. The beauty of the platforms like Unity is, it provides you with a good framework to build your knowledge upon, get immediate visual feedback and have the ability to iterate almost instantly. So learn C# by building things in Unity.

Learning a programming language is easy, especially since you’re coming from a C-style language like C++. Getting very comfortable with the Unity API and the tricks and techniques of game programming will take more time. But it’s fun to learn, just try to enjoy it as much as possible so the learning won’t feel like a chore. And always work on things that are interesting to you. Start the MMORPG you’re dreaming of and figure things out. Don’t expect to finish, release and make big bucks out of it. Just expect to have fun and learn. It’s okay to jump from project to project until you get comfortable but make a sincere effort to solve the challenges you face.