How heavy is PlayerPrefs in unity in terms of memory and processing?

I have 2D game in which I am using around 200 different PlayerPrefs to store all types of data as strings and integers. I keep calling PlayerPrefs back and forth to set or get data. I want to know how good it is? Or I should switch to SQLite or Filing? our targeted devices are of 1GB ram max. Data Example: Player1Name, Player1Score, Player1Enery, Player1Lives, Player1Hp, Player1Level1TimeTaken, Player1Level1Challenge1TimeTaken. And have we done it for dozens of players and several other preferences as well. TIA

Playerprefs is used for saving values to disk so that they can be persisted between sessions. It should only be used when, e.g. a new high score is set, a game setting is changed, or when a new game is loaded, in which case it has negligible performance cost.