How I can animated "things" in my scene

Sorry but my english it´s not to good. So, I´m going to try to make my best. I have a problem on unity. I´m making a videogame and I want to put machinery´s animations on the scene to give it more life, when the character pass across the level. I made the animations on MAYA using keyframe. Without use joins or rig on the machinery. I export the fbx and bake the animation but, I dont know why? it´s not working. Someone can help me pleaseeee n_n

To bring animations from MAYA to unity, you need to COMPULSORY Rig the mesh.Because you need to move only the cylinders up and down, you can animate inside UNITY where you have Animation Window.

  1. Go to window>Animation.
  2. select your asset, which in this case cylinder, make sure this cylinder is separated from machinery
  3. click on the red circle,you will be prompted to save it.
  4. Now animate by placing key on “Transform” which is displayed on the left.You can place keyframe by selecting attributes and right click in the graph.

I will suggest to use UNITY in this case and not rigging in MAYA.