How I can Cloud Build in Unity Collaborate storage ?

Hi, I’m developing the 3D game.
I recently started to subscribe Unity Teams, and to use Unity Collaborate.
I tried Cloud Build for Win-64bit and MacOS, but I had Error anytime.
I don’t use Github, BitBucket or some other git services. I set Unity Collab for Cloud Build Source Control Settings.

It is Error message:

Running Prebuild steps
In quiet period, build will start momentarily...
Using /BUILD_PATH/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.4.2
Successfully uninstalled bvr-2.0.9
Successfully uninstalled bvr-3.0.13
Successfully uninstalled bvr-3.0.25
Successfully uninstalled bvr-3.0.35
Successfully uninstalled bvr-3.0.56
Successfully uninstalled bvr-3.0.71
Successfully uninstalled bvr-3.0.90
Successfully uninstalled bvr-3.5.1
Removing bvr
Removing bvr_runner
Successfully uninstalled bvr-3.5.4
/dev/disk2              Apple_partition_scheme             
/dev/disk2s1            Apple_partition_map                
/dev/disk2s2            Apple_HFS                          /Volumes/2019_4_30f1
bvr 3.7.19
bvr-api 0.3.23
    License dir does not exist
    License dir does not exist
[17/Oct/2021:16:53:11] Sent Unity activation metrics
prebuildstatus finished successfully.
All identities removed.
BVR: SCM Checkout
Starting Unity Collab checkout process.
Summary of changed files at revision 756c825c1b39bde67f6d6cd39cb572bf459025ef:
  Added: 269  Updated: 0  Renamed: 0  Moved: 0  Deleted: 0
Downloading files from Unity Collab...
BVR: SCM Checkout completed in 20 seconds.
Calculated Workspace Size: 17.19 MiB
PATH             | SIZE     
/Assets          | 17.14 MiB
/Packages        | 10.27 KiB
/ProjectSettings | 43.22 KiB
Detected last used Unity version from ProjectVersion.txt: 2019.4.13f1
postcheckoutstatus finished successfully.
Error: unrecognized project! Please check your app configuration - if this is a Unity application, We expect your "Project Subdirectory" to be set to the path which directly contains the ProjectSettings and Assets directories. For a native app, this should be set to the path which directly contains the project file (.xcodeproj,, etc).
Build failed. Please check the log for further details.
Using /BUILD_PATH/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.4.2
postbuildsteps finished successfully
postbuildstatus finished successfully.
Finished: FAILURE
  • Unity version is 2020.3.17f1 (it recreated at 2019.4.13f1 too)
  • 3D URP Project
  • Develop with Windows 10 64bit

I’m from Japan, so am not good at English, but it would be awesome if you could help me. Thank you.

I resolved the problem.
I had mistake Config’s Subfolder section.