How I can import SketchUp into Unity with texture?

My model has picture image from google + I’ve some models exported from google. When I export the file as FBX or DAE, the texture doesn’t show in Unity. I tried different tips but still I see the building without any textures.

You must import the textures yourself as image files and assign them to materials, then assign those materials to the gameobjects with your meshes. Multiple textures require multiple materials, or a “texture atlas”.

If you realize this and just neglected to mention that you’ve done this step already, the other possibility is missing UVs.

FBX definitely preserves UV data. Whether sketchup uses traditional UV data, exports that data to FBX, or exports UV data at all - I wouldn’t know. Did you UV-unwrap your model with sketchup? If not, I’d guess sketchup uses some nonstandard texture mapping approach that won’t “come along with” the FBX when you export it.

Consider switching to Blender for all your modeling needs. It is a superior tool in every respect.

P.S. I do happen to know you can bring sketchup models into Blender by exporting / importing as a collada file, if you need to UV-unwrap your model and sketchup won’t do it.