How i can make a first person controller that doesn't get affected by gravity?

Hello! Im working on a space simulator for my dad (He’s really into space stuff), and i thought it would be cool to make one for him. However I need a first person controller that can ‘fly’ around the scene so he can explore galaxies and solar systems. Does anyone know how to make one? if so, can you help me?

If you’re using Unity’s FPS controller then this should answer your question: First person controller, no gravity? - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

Otherwise, what part do you really need help with? You can control gravity via the rigidbody component for your character. Or if you want the whole scene to be affected, then you can go to Edit > Project Settings > Physics and set the gravity for the whole scene. By default it is set to -9.81 which is the gravity on Earth.

thank you for your reply, fortunately and unfortunately I was being stupid and figured out how to do it. I apologize for wasting your time lol.