How i can print a picture or bitmat on the paper?

I want to print a picture or bitmap on the paper.can you hep me????????????? :(

Unity by itself cannot print.

Try following the tutorial in Printing in C# (or alternatively searching for "printer c#" in your favorite search engine).

The latest version of Mono implements the System.Drawing.Printing namespace completely, but I'm not sure about earlier versions, or the one Unity uses. Just test it out. It's not that complicated and not too much work.

Besides that,

Application.CaptureScreenshot() will get you a screen capture as a PNG file.

Texture2D.EncodeToPNG() will encode a texture to a PNG.

If you have Windows 7/vista you can use the "snipping tool" that comes with Windows. It works great

Hello… sorry to ressurrect this… but, anyone found a solution? I really need to use printer too :slight_smile: