How I can set value of Dropdown?

Hi, experts.

I have options screen and I place dopdown on it to choose language of application.


After I read current options I have to set new value of my dropdown UI item.

public var dropdownOptionsSelectLang : UI.Selectable;

function SetUiOptions() {
textOptionsVersionNum.text = db.stOptVersion;

if(db.stOptLanguage == "ENG") {
    dropdownOptionsSelectLang.value = 0;
else {
    dropdownOptionsSelectLang.value = 1;


When I change value in Inspector I see changes, but I have error in this code
Assets/Scripts/WindowsAndNavigations.js(187,35): BCE0019: ‘value’ is not a member of ‘UnityEngine.UI.Selectable’.

Could you help me?

You need to use UI.Dropdown when declaring your variable.

public var dropdownOptionsSelectLang : UI.Dropdown;

( The parent class UI.Selectable doesn’t have a “value” variable)