How i instantiate button and name them.

How i instantiate 5 button by using 1 button and keep the name of button differently.can u suggest how it is possible…
hey i asked i have one game object called button, now i trying by using this gameobject i create 5 different game object and add different name using text script on this gameobject . if u further explain let me know.

Well try doing it after the fact. That and maybe it was an issue with not casting it. (something I recently learned about).

//technically i think instantiate makes an object an object //not a game object. Maybe this will fix is.

public UIButton button;

GameObject[] Buttons;

Buttons = new GameObject[3];

for(int x = 0; x < 3; x++)
    Buttons[x] = instantiate(button) as GameObject;

Buttons[0].name = "play";
Buttons[1].name = "pause";
buttons[2].name = "rewind";