How I make a hallway like in Zelda where...

How do I make a hallway like Zelda to when I walk onto a switch it’ll make me keep moving (2 seconds after I step on the switch it’ll switch scenes)
Plz help.

You’ll have to automate the player’s movement (while ignoring player input). Once the switch is triggered, start moving the player through the event code instead of user input. Continue doing this for however long you want, then change scenes.
Here’s some pseudocode:

bool changingScenes = false;

	void Update () {
		// Player Controls
		if (!changingScenes) {
			// Do input-based movement
			// For example:
			if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.UpArrow)) {

	void switchActivated() {

	IEnumerator transitionScene() {
		changingScenes = true;
		float timePassed = 0;
		// Automates player movement for 2 seconds
		while (timePassed < 2) {
			yield return 0;
		changingScenes = false;
		Application.LoadLevel("Next Scene");

For movePlayerForward, use whatever function you’re using to control your player. If you want the player to continue moving whatever direction he was moving last, you’ll need to store that information somewhere so the coroutine can use it.