How implement my game on the website?

Hi, just like in title - how can I put my game on the website. Im not a pro of html or flash and I have no idea how to put it on website. I want to create a simple website with only main page, no subpages and on the main I want to put the game.

And one more, for web publishing what is better build the game for flash platform or web player?

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You’re going to need to become something of a web developer then. Read up everything you can on html, css and (website) Javascript.

When you make a webplayer build Unity will create for you an html and .unity3d file. These need to be uploaded to your web server. Each hosting company have their own way of getting files to the server, mine uses ftp. You’ll also need to ask your hosting company to confirm that .unity3d files can be served.

You can use flash or webplayer. If you have no experience of either stick with webplayer.

Just build targetting the web player. It will create an html file for you. Then you can just host it like any other page. There are a number of free options out there. Google for options.

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I know basics of html and I know how it works with index and ftp. (Maybe I exaggerated my skills :)). When I upload the files builded in unity (webplayer), do I have to use code generated by unity in .html file and place all files on server or just place the files on server and it will work?

thanks again.

Use Dropbox, upload both your HTML and your UNITY3D files in the same folder after compiling by clicking:

File → Build settings → Web Player → Build

After that click on the chain image (at the right of your HTML file) and copy the link it gives you, this is the location where your game is published.

If you can’t see anything you have to download the Unity webplayer from here or from the bottom of the page where the game is published.

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Hey! I’ve actually done this before, and it’s super-simple. Here’s my (admittedly poor) game SNOWBLOCK, which is built in Unity and runs on the web:

You can get a new website free and easy at with a drag-and-drop interface, so you only have to do a teeny bit of web development. The only problem with the Weebly method is that you’re kind of restrained in the size of the screen, but that’s also an enlivening constraint, because then you’re almost certain your game will fit on the screen. It all depends on your design though.

I followed this tutorial to get my game up on Weebly:

The big benefit here is that you don’t need to worry about FTP or about writing any real HTML. Weebly’s interface is limited by easy-to-use, and getting the game up and running online is a snap.