How is a Mesh Built?

The question should be pretty obvious… Or not.

I am building a mesh from an array of vertices, relying on Triangulator I am calculating the triangles from that, this works fine if the mesh I am building is shaped like an wave with the bottom being flat, however what if I dont want the bottom to be flat?

My Idea was something like adding an reversed list to the bottom of my vector2 array, but this seems like to be an bad idea as I can only see bits and pieces of the mesh.

Well you might have noticed why I didnt post any explict images or snippets, well the reason for that is that I just want to know in which way 2D Meshes are drawn, getting an full snipped will just result in copy&pasting and I’ll probably be back after five minutes to ask how this worked again… Like mentioned, just adding an reversed list to the end of the list wont work.

Additional note: Without anything the mesh is pretty much 1Y value per X Value.

Alright, solved it by myself… It really was like I said, its calculated in the way a clock turns, in other words reversing it would complete it, however it would overlap causing nothing to display, I solved this by iterating over each vector2 and moving the Y-Coord a bit down.