How is a Skybox Made From an Image?

I am looking into making a skybox and I want to know how to create the 6 necessary textures from an image. From some looking around that I have done, it appears that Blender could solve the problem, but I cannot find any step by step tutorials to this affect.

I would post this in a blender forum, but I want to be open to other possible ways to create a quality skybox.

For making Custom SkyBox images please go threw this link ----> SkyBoxMakingVideo

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I ended up using the “Make Seamless” feature (I use Gimp). I then offset the image and blurred the new seam. Finally, I set up a new canvas with one of these images in the center and placed one on each (4 total: left, right, top, bottom, rotated appropriately). I then blurred the new seams, cropped, rotated, and exported one by one.

I am sure that there is a better way to do this, but this works well.

Its just 6 textures responding to the sides of the skybox, such as sun could be on top, which would be the +Y I believe… and its seamless, so you wont see clouds screwing each other up, etc… another way is to have 1 picture with a sky, and clouds on others, keeping away from the edges so it wont effect it.

There is a tool calls “CubeTheSphere” for PC. I use Mac so I didn’t used CubeTheSphere 1.0 Download (Free) - CubeTheSphere.exe