How is the relationship between Rodrigo Barreto de Oliveira and Unity?

I've just discovered who this man is, and what he's done in terms of creating Boo.

(if you don't know, Boo is one of three languages of Unity, it's the one you overlooked, check out the creators thoughts here, it's VERY insightful and entertaining: )

I'm now seriously considering actually learning a language rather than trying to bludgeon my way through doing things. And considering the thoughts and intentions of Rodrigo when he made Boo, it seems like the perfect language to learn.

My question is, how's the relationship between this guy and Unity? Is he going away anytime soon? Is Boo going to be removed due to lack of use at anytime? Is Boo still fully supported in Unity? etc etc... you know, basically, "would I be wasting my time?" putting effort into Boo.

He works for Unity. Is he going away soon? - not that I know of / I doubt / there are no rumors like that ;) Yes, Boo is still fully supported (as far as I know, but I'm not using it myself so I'm not 100% certain). Is it going to be removed? - Unity tends to keep backwards compatibility.