How is transform.position affected by scaling?

I noticed that when I scale something the transform of that object doesn’t change, but the transform gizmo in editor does move by a small amount, why isn’t that reflected?

Or the gizmo center simply is not the transform position at all? if so, where is it?

I asked this because I have 2 different types of object, one with scale (1,1) and another (0.2, 0.2). They looked almost like in the same y position in scene view but the actual Y transform differs greatly, one is -70 and another is -120.

Any ideas?

The transform should only show to move during a scale only if that objects parent is being scaled. If this is the case, u will see the object move in the scene view but the inspector will say the object hasnt moved. This is because the inspector shows local position. I can not think of any other reason why it would move. Scaling a newly instantiated cube in scene view doesn’t wobble the transform tool for me. (And it shouldn’t! :slight_smile: )

To wrap up: just ensure that the objects you are inspecting are not parented to different objects with different scales