How long as a rough estimate, does it take to have a good knowledge of unity?

Just a rough guess if your already pro (or if you moderately good at using unity) of how long it takes to understand unity. Any personal experiences and ways to get good faster.

Plus any suggestions on good website for learning java script?

And thanks for all the help so far everyone! =D

Two weeks. ;-)

Seriously, I was up and running my first day, and I didn't know anything about programming then. This is a testament to the quality of the tutorials and documentation. As for "good knowledge", I don't think you can really define that. Unity is a place where skills from countless disciplines can come together; as Jesse Schell says, "games" subsume all other media. There's a lot you can do with Unity itself, but you're going to have much more creative possibility if you can bring in assets from other applications, and put them together in interesting ways.

So, having "good knowledge" is totally relative. Keep setting goals that you believe to be attainable in a short time frame, and working on learning and practicing them enough to become as fluent as you need to be, to do what you want to do. Due to the documentation quality, and the quality of the users of this site and the forum, "how long it takes to understand unity" can be a matter of seconds, if you're talking about incremental educational progress. And really, that's all you can do; there's no limit to how much you can know.

Best way to learn Unity is to work on a live job with a real deadline. It's amazing how fast you learn under pressure!

I'd say if you do all the tutorials at, and do one or two of the platformer tutorials, in about two weeks you should be well on your way.

The next step is to get good with scripting. I've done C# for 9 years now so its easy for me, but I think for most the scripting will take a bit longer.

Also a good understanding of the various 3D concepts, models, textures, mappings etc is also a big help when it comes to knowing what you're doing.

When you want learn fast unity it must be you hobbie,so i bought me a book that is 500 sides large and i watch often videos about unity 3d.i began befor 3 weeks and as i began it was difficult but i never gave up ,then i decide to learn unity with a book becasue itS without sense when you learn wiht you tube or websites there you don`t undertsand it.

And when you dont have fun to learn unity then it doesnt have so much impact …

And today i really like to work with unity 3d and when you begin wiht a game don`t begin large begin with a smale game that multivation you when you finsh a little project.