How long does it take to moderate a question?

I asked a question on here 2 weeks ago and when I go back to see if anyone has answered it says it is under moderation. 2 WEEKS!! I get that there is a lot to do but honestly. So my question is if my unity account is broken or something because this is ridiculous.

There are currently around 500 questions, comments, or answers in the moderation queue.

Personally, I’ve sifted through about 100 in the last day - some of these were spam (selling “Cheap iPADS!”). Some were just pointless (“answers” containing nothing but the text “I GET THIS TOO! PLZ SOLVE ASAP!”). Some of them were duplicate questions that have been answered a thousand times over (like onCollisionEnter won’t work because you haven’t capitalised the first letter)… and in order to try to keep the quality of information on this site high while educating users, the volunteer moderators are meant to respond to all these with a statement explaining why they were rejected etc., and then allow through the “sensible” questions.

Unfortunately, once there gets to be a bit of a backlog in the queue as there is currently, people then submit the same question several times, or ask new questions like “why hasn’t my question been approved yet”, which then, ironically, increases the queue and means that it takes longer to approve their question.

You can help yourself by improving your karma score on the site - answer other people’s questions, or make helpful comments that are voted up, and then you’ll be able to publish new questions without approval. Do it enough and you to will get permission to help sort out the mod queue…