How long does review take?

I submitted a build to Tpay mobile and Mi Store, 10 days ago. Both builds are still in review.

How long does it usually take to get published and to see first organic traffic from those stores?

I just wonder if they even publish indie games with ads, or I wasted time and will remain in review forever.

Hi Sam,
I submitted to TPAY on 13'th and as of today (16'th) it is approved on most mobile carriers (still 3 In Process).UDP Reporting says I have 2 players for TPAY.
My game has IAP but no ads.
For me the Mi Store build crashes so I'm stuck on that track.

I suppose 2 players are just platform moderators. So my original question was - they don't provide any organic users to indie games?

I have 2 players as well.

Besides, I got a message from Mi Store, but it seems their english is a bit hard to understand:

Here’s a long shot, but based on Wikipedia, Xiaomi is the Chinese word for “Millet”. Did you submit any images showing a mobile phone? Maybe they got rejected since the phone is not Xiaomi.

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I submitted to Tpay and Shareit 3 days ago and both are still in review. However I just checked 'Reporting' and like mentioned above there are 2 players (which I also assume are platform testers) but confusingly enough I've also sold 2 IAPs and there have been 27 game sessions! I can't imagine that their testing process is so rigorous that they need to open and close the app that many times and that they liked it so much they've paid money already!! (Though I wish this were true ha ha)