How long should it take for 5 complete beginners in unity with some C# knowledge to make a 2d side scroller?

So, me and four of my friends want to make a 2d Metroidvania style game using Unity, as we understood its an excellent engine, especially for beginners. We all have zero experience making games(assuming basic game maker doesnt count), but four of us know C# to a decent level, and one of us is a musician(he makes electronic music for 5 years, also plays drums and guitar) and two of us are also very good with things like photoshop, illustrator, maya, drawing etc.
Thing is, in a year and a half we all have to join the army dor 3 years(obligatory in our country), so we only have that much of a time. Do you guys think that in this time we can get a grasp of unity and make a 2d game of a decent size?

Thank you very much.

Yes, I think a year and a half for a group that already has programming, art and music experience is more the enough time. You might do it in as little as 6 to 9 months depending on the scope of your goals.