How Make a Game Look Crisp Question

Now i have been looking around at games people are creating with the almight unity3d. Now i am curious on how a game can look like this Omuni Online Then Looking like Project Kryill. This way more Crisp and more details. I'am Only talking about the environmental Effects no characters buildings etc.

Should help, and light mapping helps a lot as well.

Nice links, they make an interesting comparison. I would suggest that the difference between those two projects comes down to the resumes of the people involved and the amount of time they spent -- the difference between a fun, functional demo you can run around in and a truly polished and attractive game will come down to the talent and experience of the people involved, and the effort they put into the project.

Those two links show two cool things about Unity -- (1) it's easy to get up and running and, with patience and some work, anyone can build a game, and (2) Unity is capable of some truly gorgeous graphics. But don't think that just using Unity is enough make your game look beautiful.

Oh, and it looks like the first one is the free version of Unity -- without shadows and lightmapping -- and second is Unity Pro, with both. (But again, Unity Pro alone will not guarantee beauty ...)

Colour is very important, and establishing a palette for your game. Consistency of content as well, so you don't jar the user with mis-matched elements or presentation (in the first video you linked ... why is a guy with a yellow hardhat running around a Japanese dojo??) Using tons of reference images can be helpful for inspiration (google images is great that way). Create concept images to capture the look and feel you want before trying to coerce the same look out of Unity. Study different games, and find and read articles about video game art direction, such as this one.

Disclaimer: I'm a programmer, not an artist, so take anything I say about art with several grains of salt!

p.s. Garrett, welcome to UnityAnswers :)

  • You can also try using different brushes on the terrain to make it look less "perfect"
  • Change the terrain texture to a more rocky texture on hills and mountains if applicable
  • Also on mountains you can use the cliff (layered) texture to overlay the bottom texture and it looks pretty cool
  • Adding lighting with a flare is definately essential
  • Adding a skybox is good as well

Hi, speaking from Moya Games here (Environmental Artist), lightmapping is a big deal, but spending time on detail is a huge part of it. I am the particle effects artist for the game and having dust floating around and even leaves falling can improve the overall feel of the game. The goal is to make the effects so minor but effective that the player won’t even notice they are there and just see the bigger picture.