How many badges can I earn on Answers?

and are there any fun ones? Like, "noob", "troll", "virgin". I'd sure like to gain "Shouter" for yelling at the problems I have, or "confused" because that's my current state. Or just "senile" because I've forgotten most of what I've learned and just about everything I've posted.

There's a few of guys that deserve "dedicated" and there's a lot that deserve "fanboy". Whilst there's a couple that could be honored with some platinum piece for their outstanding contributions to the Unity cause. Something like "Founder" might be appropriate, because they've made this place WORK!

How many badges can I earn on Answers?

40 badges which are categorized in bronze, silver and gold badges.

  • 8 gold badges.
  • 14 silver badges.
  • 18 bronze badges.

The badges are found under the big "Badges" button. Some are really hard to get though. You'd have to work hard to get them all.

Click on the button that says "badges".