how many computers does the android basic license cover

This is going to sound like a stupid question but I was wondering how many computers does the android basic license cover, i take it that it will cover only one computer or can it be run on two?

All of this information is available on the Unity website.

One User Per License

You must purchase a license for each individual using Unity Pro and any other paid Unity products. For Unity Pro and all other paid Unity products, you may install such products on both a primary and a secondary computer for use only by the same user. You may not use both installations simultaneously.

i didnt know this either… and hey… who read the fine print anyways…
but hey since this other bully decided to down vote you for an honest question i’m gonna offer my answer and upvote at the same time… hope we have all learned something by this experience…

heres that link again to make sure this is a proper answer…

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