How many Games can we create using 1 subscribtion ?

lets say if i create a small company and both of my games pass the 100k limit , should i pay 1 fee for them right ?

You do not pay any fee for your games. You only have to pay for your Unity editor license. Just in theory imagine you create a game with the free version. When you sell the game and make a million you don’t need to get a Unity pro license when you stop using the Unity editor completely once you reached the limit. However in most cases once you passed the 100k (or 200k) limit you still need to provide updates for your game or work on other games in which case you need a valid Unity editor license and now you need a Unity plus or Unity pro license.

Keep in mind that a Unity editor license is a per-seat license. So if you have a company with two persons working in Unity you need two Unity licenses. Also you can not mix different license tiers. So if one is using Unity plus, all have to use Unity plus.