How many pixels is 1 scroll sensitivity?

Basically this.

In scrollview, there is property “scroll sensitivity”, it used to be pixels, which worked perfectly. Now it is just some number without any reference to how much the content scrolls (in pixels) per one scroll event.

How many pixels is 1 scroll sensitivity?
How can I set it to pixels?

I used to be able to just set scroll sensitivity to 100 and the content just moved 100 pixels, without any overriding script. How can I set it to move exact amount? I want the page to scroll 1 item height + spacing with each scroll.

According to the documentation Unity - Scripting API: ScrollView

it looks like you want to debug verticalPageSize as that is the speed of the vertical movement(or horizontal is also in there). Once you get the variables, just do math to fit your preferences. There are also calls that will scroll to specified objects/elements(if you have it setup that way).