How Many polygons are required for android and iphone platform


i am starting work to design assets ,environment,characters for android and iPhone platform .but i little bit confused about poly count. i don’t understand that how much polygon limits is required for android and iPhone device .

so ,my question is …

  1. how much poly count is limit for android and iPhone platform ? i.e - if i need 2 character ,environment and gun .
  2. how to assign new malarial on duplicated object in unity ?i.e - i have made a track and i import it to unity and duplicated it when i duplicate its materials is not duplicated only object is duplicated in project window i want also duplicated material and change texture of same duplicate object but i am unable to do it plz give me solution.


  1. How many vertices are “ok” depends on the GPU and the complexity of vertex shaders. Typical figures are “not more than 100 thousand” on mobile, and “not more than several million” on PC. Unity - Manual: Graphics performance fundamentals
  2. Create your own material through clicking with right button on Project window and than assign a texture to it. After this you will be able to assign this matterial to your object, just drop it on the object. Also, you can just drop your texture on Inspector when the object is selected. It will create a new material itself. But dont drop it on texture slot in material.

thanks for the support