How many prefabs too many?

Instead of making many scenes, or many levels in one scene; which i don’t know how to make, I was thinking of making all the levels a prefab. I am making a 2d mobile game btw. So, if there are 200 levels, would it be a problem if I made 200 prefabs? how would it affect the file of the apk? would it suck up too much power from the mobile phone? Please replay if you have an answer, that would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

A prefab really depends on what it contains, I don’t think you can have too many prefabs.
However, for several reasons, I would highly recommend you to reconsider :

  • If your levels are prefabs, then you won’t be able to use prefabs IN your levels.
  • Loading/unloading will probably cause performance issues, since Unity isn’t really built like that.

Could you elaborate on why you can’t use scenes, or multiple level per scene ?
In our current project, we have 4 level per scene (a scene being a world), so I understand there are cases where you’d need a single scene for multiple levels.

“which i don’t know how to make” -OP

To make a new scene, first make sure you’ve saved your current one before going to file → new scene. Then when building your game, make sure you add all the scenes in the wanted order in the scenes section of the build window.

Hope this helps,
Signed, Vandie