How many tris?

i know this has been asked before but i havent been able to find good answers by reading the old threads on this topic

so im making a space MMO, perhaps browser-based, and im not sure how many tri’s/vertexes and draw calls should be my maximum, to allow the average PC to play the game at a decent fps

im getting around 10M tri’s and 2000 drawcalls max, so that too much? or how much further can i keep going?

i know there are other factors affecting lag but, in an average game, what would be the average max number of tri’s and drawcalls that an average pc can handle?


Check this for drawcalls and this for polycount

Since you mentioned browser-based, consider lowering the polycount of your model and environment because having too high details on non-full or smaller screen will not take the full potencial anyways and just add more in size for the download making the game load longer which is never a good thing.