how may i start to program?

i´m new in unity

Google for some unity C# tutorials

Well, that’s rather a big question. If you’ve done no programming at all, then I don’t think Unity is the best place to start. You need to understand basic concepts such as data types, conditional processing, looping and so on. All of these require a language of their own (Unity uses C#) that means you need to learn syntax and conventions. Then there’s the whole topic of Object Oriented Programming.

Many people start with a visual programming language such as Scratch, which means there’s no language to learn but they can still learn the basics of programming.

If you’re determined to start with Unity, you could try Unity’s Learn platform. Start with Unity Essentials and see how you get on.

The one thing you are going to need is help. A good teacher would be the best way but learning to help yourself by targeting your searches and questions is really important. Very broad questions like “how may I start to program” are less likely to get responses than something more specific.

Good luck!