How much things can you throw at Unity? :Player Limit

Hi, I'm just wondering how much players you can have on a game server or on a P2P game.

Suppose you where to have an openworld game or even an MMO, would Unity be able to handle Over 100 players? This includeds 1000s of Scripts running simultainously and physics.

Physics; Ragdoll Vehicles Etc

And would something like RakNet or Photon be good to use?

Thanks for reading

Photon is known to be very good, but I have no personal experience with either.

As to "can unity handle it". I think what you mean to ask is if unity is a good platform for it. Unity doesn't actually 'handle' anything when a game is running.

It's very simple, the more scripts you have running and other things that need to be calculated (physics, for instance) the more power your server needs.

The more players you want to be on a server, the more power the server needs.

The more textures, animations and models you have the longer it'll take to load and more will be required of the players CPU.

But all these limitations have nothing to do with unity. They go for any engine you choose to develop from.