How NOT to select canvas in editor scene

Hi! Is there a way to NOT select canvas in the editor scene view? It obstructs everything in my scene, and gets all the clicks. If I move it in the z axis, it is always snapped back to place.

Am I missing some simple feature of this, or somebody else had missed it?

Turn off the layer of the Canvas in the drop down in the top right side of the editor window.

There’s also a lock symbol in that menu - clicking that will allow the layer to remain visible, but be unselectable. Useful for when you want to place things in a level you’ve designed, and it’d be helpful to see the background/terrain while placing, but you don’t want to accidentally select any of it.

In the current version (2018.2) you can hide the UI layer instead of deactivating the canvas. In the top right corner there is a Layers drop-down which decides which layers are shown. Deselect UI when you need to work on game elements.