How not to switch to a camera when using load additive


I am working on a game where when a user clicks on an item, the camera is going to follow a spline to a new position. The position it ends up in is a location that is contained in a scene that is additively loaded. I want the camera to follow the spline, and once it gets to the end to switch to the camera in the loaded scene.

However, as soon as the scene loads, it switches to the camera in that scene. Is there a good way to deal with this?

I also read somewhere that it is a good practice to make all of your scenes loadable directly, and it would be good to preserve this behavior.

I have pondered having the camera in the additively loaded scene start off disabled and enable it once the camera gets to the end of the spline, but then this would break being able to load the scene directly.

John Lawrie

I know this is a late reply, but for anyone else who comes across this;

Every camera has a variable called “Depth” which is essentially a priority number, you can use these to prevent the camera from switching automatically.

If you have multiple transitions back and forth between 2 scenes, then you will want to update this variable as you go using a singleton Camera Manager class that persists through world transitions allowing you to change cameras through this class as you desire.