How often does the internal physics calculation get called?

For this example say my Fixed Update time step is 30hz (0.033s) and my frame rate for the update call is 60hz (0.0166s).

How often will the internal physics calculation happen that occurs after the Fixed Update call?

Is it attached to the Fixed Update call so that it only happens at 30hz or will it run at however fast the game loop is running to keep up with the frame rate update calls?

I am asking this because I apply a force in my fixed update and I am logging my position of my rigid body in my update call and i would expect there to be a few log statements where my position hasn’t moved because the internal physics calculation hasn’t taken place unless they are not actually tied together.

By default, physics operations occur once every 0.02 seconds, or 50hz. Each FixedUpdate call is bound to the physics engine, and a change of the physics timescale will result in a change of the speed of the FixedUpdate.