how place GameObject from list to GameObject ?


i have this code

public GameObject[] findgameObjects;
GameObject player = new GameObject("Player");
findgameObjects = Resources.FindObjectsOfTypeAll<GameObject>();

to find all GameObject in scene but i have more 1000 GameObject in list (Element)

so how to find GameObject in list By name and put public GameObject ?

thank you

Note : i have try search,

Given a list of items, you can search through them using a for loop

gameObject specialObject = null;
// look through every object in findgameobjects
foreach (GameObject g in findgameObjects)
    // does this object name match the one im looking for?
    if ( == "Special Object")
         specialObject = g; // assign the object that matches
         break; // break stops the for loop, since we don't need to run it anymore

but if you’re looking for one object in your scene that matches a certain name, you can just use the GameObject.Find method Unity - Scripting API: GameObject.Find