How reduce size of texture?

I render camera to texture (renderedTexture.ReadPixels(Rect (0, 0, Screen.width, Screen.height), 0, 0):wink: and i want send this texture over network to app on mobile ,but texture slow load from bytes on mobile. (I render to texture format RGB24 and before send ,encode to jpg) Render texture with resolution 1024x600 have size 1,8 MB ,how reduce it? (sorry for my english)

If I correctly understood, you want to make from texture of 1024x600, for example, 512x300. Use (write on CSharp):

 int newW = renderedTexture.width / 2;
 int newH = renderedTexture.height / 2;
 renderedTexture.Resize(newW, newH, renderedTexture.format, false);

I hope that it will help you.

Saved jpg (using EncodeToJPG(50)) have size ~50KB ,mybe I will not do anything more. Thanks for help.