How setup walk on walls

Hello Aldo Naletto

Please can you help me? I saw your post Walking on walls. Its exactly what im looking for weeks. But Im relatively new to unity3d and beed some help.

You say :

I created an empty object, added a box collider and a rigidbody (useGravity = false), then childed my model to it.

Where do I attach the boo scrip? to the empty object? or to my character controller? Can you tell me more abou the setup?


In future, please post a link to the question with the answer by Aldo, so that others may be able to help you (Aldo might not see this!)

This is the link for future readers : Basic movement. Walking on walls. - Unity Answers

It seems you have confused yourself reading the answer, please read it slowly and carefully. Aldo read a Boo script which helped in his edited version, the answer is in Unity JavaScript.

Points :

  • create an empty object
  • add a box collider
  • add a rigidbody (make sure useGravity is not ticked)
  • attach the script (the script is in the language JavaScript)
  • make your model a child of this object

that’s it =]