How Should I animate my charaters facial expression/lip synk

Hello, I’m making an RPG type game in unity and due to my lack of time to create 3D characters and my ideas of making it relatively Low-Poly for iPhone performance. I’m going into the Cartoony 2D kind of characters. I’m creating various expressions and mouth movements as a picture format. How would you recommend that I do the animating/lip sync of this inside of unity? (in the free side of it)

The basic technique used for lip synching is to create a set of blend shapes for the mouth that represent all of the mouth phonemes and then sequence these phoneme blend shapes to match up with the audio track. It’s a pretty complicated and time consuming process to do manually. There are tools out there to automate the process… the most commonly used product is called FaceFX.

If this is something you’re still interested in trying, you should check out this link since it provides good examples of what the phonemes look like.

Check this: