How should I begin developing for Android in Unity?

Hey guys! So here’s my dilema: I already have a bit of experience in Java and general Android app dev but now I want to create games. I have decided to use Unity to do so, but I can’t find any good tutorials for Android game dev in Unity(For touch controls and accelerometers). So here’s my question: Should I,

A. Build a game for the Web/PC format first and convert it to an Android build or…

B. Keep looking for documentation on touch controls and mobile specific components to build a game for Android from scratch.

Thanks! And if you need any clarification I can provide.

I think you need to Keep looking for documentation, because the unity it’s new in the 2D way, and many people are figuring out how to make some controls.

I’am one who is making a game for mobile using the engine 2d.

Keep lookin for documentations to Mobile games and tutorials on youtube, many devs posted tricks to make your dev easily, like a background looping that i was making with 20 lines, and a guy made it with 1 line of code.

Ask here your question we will answer you as well.

Good Luck!