How should I begin to program an rpg?

I am a javascript programmer but i usually program applications vs a 3dgame or an rpg.

What would you fellow game programmers suggest as far as a structure? Would it be terribly inefficient to try new things as i go along? or is there a specific guideline to follow?
I have done the tutorials from in their hack’n’slash tutorials but i am curious if doing it my own way will hurt my game’s end results.

For example. There are about 5 different class files in the tutorials for creating a set of stats. I would only be using one class file and cutting out some of the “getters and setters” to simplify the code but i cant tell if this can hurt me in the long run.

It sounds like your trying to write a game bottom-up. Instead I suggest designing all the key elements about your game and how you want the systems to work and then decide what data structures you will need to support them. The programming elements should become more clear once you know what you are trying to accomplish.