How should I go about drawing a background for a Unity game?

I’m an artist assigned to making the background for a Portal level in a Unity game. I’ve never done this before and I don’t know how Unity works. Is there a certain way to do it? Is there any examples? I don’t want to annoy the developer with questions even though she said she loves questions. What do I do?? T^T

There’s nothing special you need to know about Unity. I assume the developer gave you requirements about overall dimensions required for the image, and make sure you save it in a standard format (if you’re using Photoshop, native PSD is fine). That’s about it.

I assume that this is a 2D game if you’re drawing a background for it? You should be able to make it in Photoshop, or any other program you’re comfortable with, as long as it ends up as an image file. As for putting it into Unity, a simple way to do it is to put the background in as a sprite and layer it to the back.