How the hell do I use this to make a game?

I need help making a game,

I don’t even know how to make a floor or anything else.

Can some one please help me before I break my damn laptop?

You need to look into tutorials, this isnt something that someone can point you to, as Unity is Massive in its capabilities and what you can actually achieve, and its functionality.

You can make a floor, by going over to the GameObject Drop Down menu—>Create Other—> Plane

and then resize that plane with attributes in the inspector to shape it as a floor, it already comes with a collider to provide physics support to other objects.

Go over to you tube, play around with anything that comes in you way, (please refrain from touching urself :wink: ), and youll get a hang of it and know ur way around.

Hope that helps, even if just a bit.


Watch this…

I will post some links to turials, examples that hopefully will help you start you development:



Another tip: Just Search Unity Tutorial on Youtube or google.
If you wanna make an FPS just search Unity FPS Tutorial you will find several entries with tutorials. Hope this helps.