How to 1stViewChar moves forward automatically?

Hello, developers.

I’m planning to make an arcade game in 1st view on Android.
Just like a Temple Run. (yeah I’m learning about that tutorial, but that’s a 3rd view.)

In my game, player plays in 1st view mode. And the player goes along the specified path.

So, I’m going to make player go forward in 1st view for example.
But there’s no tutorial or tip on making 1st view character move automatically on the path or what else.

Would you give some tips for me?
Thanks for reading this question. :slight_smile:

Hi Lunaria,

I haven’t followed the tutorial you mention, however if it teaches you how to make the player run automatically in 3rd person view, all you need to do it move the camera to eye-level.

Once at eye level, you can choose to leave in the character model (shows arms as he runs for example) or remove it to just have the view of most first person games.

Hopes this helps.