How to acces Scribtable object data from button?

So the problem is that i have buttons acting as upgrades, when clicked player buys the upgrade. I also have the different upgrades as ScriptableObjects so i can quickly create new ones. Now i need a script that recognizes which button is pressed and pulls the data stored in the scriptableObejct assigned to that button. So basically if i have health =85, and i buy more healt, button is pressed, amount of health stored in the object gets added to health that had already. This is what i have now:

public class UpgradeManagerScript : MonoBehaviour {

public Button button;

public void OnClicked(Button button)

i get the name of the button but cant access the values stored in the scriptableObject.

Declare a public NameOfTheScriptableObjectClass objectField; field in your UpgradeManagerScript class; this will create an inspector field in your script that you can drag an instance of your ScriptableObject to, which you can then reference as needed.