How to access children in script attached to gameObject

I have a gameObject “Card1”, that has 11 children “CardSuit1”-“CardSuit11”

The included script is attached to Card1:

I thought this script would set up an array of gameObjects containing all the children.

Then I could use this array, for example, to deactivated one or more of the children.

However, when I run the game, I get the message : NullReferenceExeption: Object reference not set up to instance of an object (wrapper stelemref) object.ste;mref (object.intptr.object).

The game runs, but the two children that the script tries to deactivate are not deactivated.

I’ve searched similar questions in the forum and I really thought this should work. Anyone know what is wrong?

You should post the code here instead of a picture, it is easier to read.

For you issue, you need to instantiate the array:

var array:GameObject = new GameObject;

Also your gameObject.SetActive(true);is not doing much here, if the method runs it emans the object is already active.