How to access programmatically to variable "Min Vertex Distance" of Trail Renderer component?

TrailRenderer t = ball.AddComponent<TrailRenderer>();
t.castShadows = false;
t.receiveShadows = false;
t.material = (Material)Resources.Load("Materials/yardTrial");
t.time = 0.3f;
t.startWidth = 0.4f;
t.endWidth = 0.4f;
t.minVertexDistance = 5.2f; //???

`UnityEngine.TrailRenderer' does not contain a definition for`minVertexDistance'

This variable is not described in the documentation for the class TrailRenderer.

How do I get to it through code?

If it's not in the docs, then you can't do it. Not everything is exposed to scripting. Instead you can instantiate a prefab with the settings the way you want.