How to access texture copy when read/write is enabled

I am creating a texture tool in which i am manipulating properties of the bump and parallax maps in realtime.When i import the textures in the import wizard i set read/write to true to be able to access the textures.The problem is, everytime i want to reset the textures back to normal i have to reload the textures from the editor.

I read the ref manual and it told me that the editor saves a copy of the texture when read/write is enabled.I wanted to know hiow i could access that other texture by code so i could have a "reset texture" button which allows me to reset the textures within the application rather than switching to the editor everytime.

I managed to figure it out.If your manipulating a texture and want to save it first before you can change it to be able to reset it try the following:

//Save a copy of you texture

Texture 2D m_NewBaseTexture = Copytex(mBaseTexture);

//Reassign it when you wanna reset it.

renderer.material.SetTexture("_MainTex", m_NewBaseTexture);