How to access the return value of GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag() ?

The Documentation says the function returns a "list" of GameObjects without saying if this means they are returned as a collection or array, but both accessing methods don't work:

var places = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag ("place"); 
var i = Random.Range(0,places.length); 
myRandomPlace = places*;* 
*// nor: myRandomPlace = places.item(i);*
*<p>The Debug window says the return type of the function is a GameObject itself, do I have to traverse it?</p>*

From the documentation it looks to be just a generic array of game objects.

You'd have to traverse it using a for loop in order to find the specific object you are looking for.

Check out the following article which details the different types of collections available in JS and C# for Unity 3d. Unity Coding: Arrays, Hashtables and Dictionaries explained

I've solved my problem, it was actually not this part of the script but a later GetComponent("ScriptName") Call, which returned Null and raised a NullReferenceExpection. I thought it happened when I assigned the GameObject to the variable, but it didn't. Referencing the array like I have in the above example does work.

Thank you Achmed for the link to the article, brings some light to the topic.