How to access to color or pixelInset properties of GUITexture in AnimationClip.SetCurve?

Does anybody know how to access to PixelInset or Color properties when creating curve?

Here is what I tried:


var scaleCurve = AnimationCurve(Keyframe(0.0, 0.0), Keyframe(1.0, 34.0) );

var clip = new AnimationClip();
clip.SetCurve("", GUITexture, "_pixelInset.width", scaleCurve );
clip.SetCurve("", GUITexture, "_Color.a", scaleCurve );

animation.AddClip(clip, "Resize");
animation.wrapMode = WrapMode.PingPong;

So, what is propertyName for Color and pixelInset of GUITexture? I tried various, but have no luck

Thanks for help.

Hi! I have equals problem! I can’t solve it, I am trying secondary day :frowning:
I saw one interesting thing, when I tried animate Material by set curve, I copied code from SetCurve documentation, and that didn’t work too for color animation of Material! Just Material texture offset worked :frowning:

Anybody, help us!