How to acess script from Command Method

this is a command from my player script. On server (Host) all works fine but on client bombClone.GetComponent<BombPrefab_Script>().Init(chosenType);
is not called. i dont know why, ther is no exeption or something like that. how can i acess that script (function) ?

    private void CmdThrowBomb(float speed, float duration, Vector3 pos, Vector3 camForwart, BombType chosenType) {

        // create a Instanze of the right Bomb prefab
        GameObject bombClone = (GameObject)Instantiate(bombPrefab, new Vector3(pos.x  + (camForwart.normalized.x / 3), pos.y + throwingOfset.y + (camForwart.normalized.y / 3), pos.z + (camForwart.normalized.z / 3)), Quaternion.identity);

        //get the direction the player is facing at 
        Vector3 playerDirection = camForwart;

        //get rigBody of the Bomb and add force and Torque
        Rigidbody bombRigBody = bombClone.GetComponent<Rigidbody>();

        float impuls = CalcImpuls(duration);

        bombRigBody.AddForce(playerDirection.normalized * impuls, ForceMode.Impulse);
        bombRigBody.AddTorque(Random.value, Random.value, Random.value, ForceMode.Impulse);



you can use this method if im not wrong
inside ur script call the script u want to use like this
public Scriptname dothis;

and after you can call the function or whatever doing like this

ex bool