How to achieve 2D parallax scrolling .

Hi ,
First of all , I am not new to unity . I have already developed 2 or more 2D games . But I am too Curious about having parallax effect in my game. I know how to have parallax effect when character is still by playing with the tiles and offset settings . But I want parallax effect for Infinite games in which character is always running , one thing to note that offset type techniques do not do well on mobile. I want to have parallax same as in MR. Jump in my new game . Kindly guide me about it .

I’m not sure what you mean by “having a parallax effect when the character is still by playing with tiles and offset settings”… by definition, parallax requires movement in the scene. But it’s trivial to do - just lay out your scenes so that background layers are further away from a perspective camera than foreground layers. Then move the camera sideways…